X. Faith Integration

Competency X

Integrate faith with practice in an ethical manner.

Since the days of the church-based settlement homes social work has been intertwined with the core principles of both faith and spirituality. It is my love of Christ that gives me the empathy and desire to help others, it is only through Christ that I can be a successful social worker.

Practice Behaviors:

  1. Integrate faith into practice in an ethical manner.
  2. Demonstrate an awareness of religious/non-religious beliefs that are different from one’s own.

Expressing my faith to my clients comes in the way of actions and not words. To quote David A. Sherwood ” It is always ethical and appropriate to demonstrate the gospel to our clients, but it is seldom ethical to proclaim the gospel to them in our professional role as social workers” (Scales, Kelly and Sherwood, 2012). During a day of shadowing a social worker within a faith based facility I was able to see faith integration in practice. See the reflection paper about this experience.

On a diversity trip with my cohort to Chicago, I was able to engage several people of different religious beliefs. I was open and receptive to hearing about their religion with deep respect to their beliefs.

In my Child & Adolescent Development class, I created a parenting manual to guide parents in dealing with adolescent substance abuse prevention and recovery. This guide was based fully on my Christian faith. Christian Parenting Guide to Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention and Recovery.

Scales, T., Kelly, M. and Sherwood, D. (2012). Christianity and social work. Botsford, CT: North American Association of Christians in Social Work, p.329.